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Good morning, After a, what I would call long flight of 11 hours, we arrived in LA yesterday. The flight experience was what one would expect… I had the honor of being placed between Frederik and a big American guy (with gas in his stomach). That was a lovely pleasure, as it was already cramped […]


The date is getting closer, and soon the suitcases will be packed once again. On Monday the plane leaves to the States, where Frederik and I are going to shoot some video and pictures along the Westcoast. I am looking very much forward to yet another adventure with Frederik! I have always been very fond […]


Good evening, For some time, I have shown a greater interest in a vegan lifestyle. When I moved into an apartment with a girlfriend of mine, none of us wanted to spend time in the kitchen. Therefore, I automatically ate less meat in my every day life. But in recent years, my curiosity towards meat […]


Happy Friday everyone, It’s already the last day before yet another weekend. How wonderful is that! The week that is almost already over has been filled up with amazing things. I’ve seen a lot of my friends, which has been a priority of mine throughout the last couple of weeks. With last weekends yoga weekend behind me, […]


Good morning, We are already in the middle of a new week and the days fly by as always. The past couple of days, Frederik and I have spent on Fyn, where we got a lot of great pictures of some super cool and beautiful autumn shoes (post coming up later). It’s always fun to […]


Good morning, I hope you all enjoy a nice weekend and have said goodbye and thanks for an amazing summer – while also welcoming Autumn. I myself have had a weekend with a little bit of a mixed feelings… I have not actually talked to you about this on the blog, but a few weeks […]


Good morning, Just a short update. Today is an exciting day, since we get a new work place away from home. Both Frederik and I have for the longest time wanted to have a workstation away from where we live. For both of us, it has been difficult to define when we work and when […]


Good morning, Today, my morning has steered towards attention of our climate. As I drank my morning coffee, I watched a bit of Go ‘Morgen Denmark where the focus was on climate friendliness. This is probably a subject we all have touched and reflected upon (to a greater or lesser extent). I have to admit that debates with […]


// Good morning, I’m back after a little break. I apologize for the dramatic headline “To Hell & Back”, but it really has been some turbulent weeks that involved blood, sweat and tears… Well maybe not blood, but it has been hard. As Frederik and I are joking about, how it seems like both of […]


Good morning, breakfast is served! I love those mornings where you have time to make a nice breakfast and enjoy it in good company. What a great way to greet the weekend. I’m trying to get some stuff done at home before heading out the door to find a little inspiration to the coming week. […]